December Meeting 2013

October 2013 Ace Ski Club Meeting


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The December meeting was well attended; members picked up the tickets they had ordered and enjoyed Ed Berry’s presentation about Stowe Mountain,VT.

Santa Claus made a surprise visit! Many attendees got to have their picture taken with him.

After an introduction by Jon Levy, various ACE Club officers gave updates on their respective chairs.

Ed Berry gave an exciting update on what’s been happening at Stowe Mountain: new snow guns, a new pump station, anything that is good for snow, Stowe will do, and has been as far back as in the single-chair days. Man-made snow is good for one week; if it’s cold enough, they resurface 6”-12” every day.

The mountain also refurbished the Gondola; it is now second in number of runs in the whole country. It runs in the summer as well. They invested half a million $, which is why Stowe is a very expensive mountain. Full price is now $98; however you can get tickets online for $84. There are also multi-day package deals. Also, look out for ski club appreciation days.

A good tip is to by a $5 Stowe bypass card, which not only saves you money, but allows you to go straight from your car to the slopes! It is tied to your credit card, and you get charged the first time you use a lift on a given day.

A little history: the ‘Den’ is a historic structure built by the Conservation Corps.

Stowe currently has 481 Acres of trails. Some woods are on State Forest land.

Some advice if you go into the woods: first of all, don’t go alone! Program a number in your cell phone to call in an emergency. And be aware that there is no coverage in the back of the mountain. Stay safe out there!

December 2013 Door Prize Winners

Bill Tarkulich 2 Smugglers Tickets
Vince Mattock 4 Bromley tickets
Wayne Parker Thermal bottoms, hand warmers
Greg Ruklic Christmas stocking, hand warmers
Gerry Welch 2 Smuggler’s Notch tickets
Marcia Ruklic Socks
Betty Ann Tyson Christmas stocking, hand warmers, Thermal top
Marty Stark Goggles, hand warmers
Marcia Ruklic Thermal top, hand warmers
Ilene Titus 2 Mad River tickets
John Campbell 5 pair hand warmers
Jake Coady Christmas stocking, snow slider
Kelley Gage 5 pair hand warmers
Chris Gerber Goggles, hand warmers
Dana Blanchard Thermal top, hand warmers
Mary Stillson 5 pair hand warmers
Roscoe Diamond 2 Stowe tickets
Shelley Sage 5 pair hand warmers
Paul Bewersdorf Boot bag
Andy Sage Men’s Oakley jacket
Mary Sue Ankner Women’s jacket
Andy Sage Skis and bindings

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