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December Meeting 2014 Recap


The September meeting was well attended, with holiday table decorations setting a festive mood. People were looking forward to picking up the tickets they had purchased.

Several club officers each spoke about their respective function: Jon Levy started the meeting and welcomed all members, old and new; Chuck Riley gave an update on EICSL, Robin Diamond on the racing program, and Ilene Titus on benefits, such as tickets.

Ed Berry was back at the ACE Club as the featured speaker of the evening to talk about the latest development at Stowe Mountain Resort. The mountain is very attentive to the feedback from its groomers and snowmakers. Management listens to them to constantly improve operations each year. The mountain is dedicated to the ‘product’ and is spending the money required.

He noted quite a few improvements since last year, includng a new 3,000 gallon-per-minute booster pump house on Mt. Mansfield. The mountain currently has 8 groomers. That means more early and late season terrain, quick resurfacing and superlative snow surfaces!

The 20 year old gondola was refurbished at significant cost savings over buying a new one. The gondola was sent back to the manufacturer, who put in brand new upholstery, windows and racks.

The old lift at Spruce Base was replaced with a new high-speed quad. The old alpine slide is gone, a casualty of all the new attractions.

The Stowe Mountain Lodge Spruce Peak is a spectacular hotel, worthy of a trip for a special occasion. It is currently undergoing the process of earning a 4 star rating. The resort will be adding a number of attractions, including an outdoor skating rink, a climbing wall (indoors) as well as a bowling alley. There will be underground parking for 170+ cars, a new coffee shop and a market. All these ongoing renovations will cause parking to be a little tight during the upcoming season. It is recommended that guests use the convenient shuttle service.

The full price for a ticket this season is $108 the first time you come to the mountain. However, on your next visit the price drops to $103 thanks to the rechargeable ‘Evolution Stowe Card’(ESC). $89 tickets can be purchased online for the same day at the mountain or Liftopia websites. The most convenient way to buy a ticket is to authorize a credit card on your ESC card, which will be charged automatically the first time you get on a chair that day. No standing in line!

$44 tickets will be offered to club members on Ski Council and Ski Club Appreciation Days (you will need to show a club ID). Also, look for combined hotel deals. Group rates are available for a minimum of 20 people. Smaller clubs could combine trips with other clubs to reach that number; contact Ed for details.

Door Prize Winners

Let's Eat Santa

Let's Eat Santa
Let's Ski Snowman

December Meeting 2014


We would like to welcome Ed Berry from Stowe. He will be giving us an update about the mountain.


Photo taken 12/8/2014


  • Ticket Voucher Distribution
    • Tickets vouchers ordered in past sales will be distributed at the meeting. Your order must be paid in full and you must be a paid 2014-2015 member to receive your ticket vouchers.
  • Ticket Voucher Sale
    • You may purchase additional tickets at the General Meeting. Order forms for Vermont Mountains will be available at that time. You must attend the meeting and be a paid 2014-2015 club member to purchase tickets in this sale. There are limited quantities of some Vermont Mountains and some have sold out. Remaining tickets will go on sale by email after the December 11 meeting.
  • Volunteers needed for clean up after the meeting.

Extra Prize Ticket

Bring Food! For an extra chance at a door prize, please bring items that can be donated to a food pantry, for example: tuna, powdered milk, $5 gift cards to grocery stores, rice, dry soup mixes, beans, canned food items …

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Crotched Mountain Member Benefits for Ace Ski and Board Club

Crotched Mountain 2014-15 Ace Ski and Board Club Member Benefits

Must present a valid Ace Ski and Board Club Membership Card to recieve discount.

Ticket Discounts

9:00am – 5:00pm (Blackout Dates: MLK, Presidents Day)

1:00pm – 9:00pm

Monday – Friday Nights
6:00pm – 9:00pm (May Be Extended 3:00pm – 9:00pm)

Saturday Midnight Madness
5:00pm – 3:00am
$35.00 / Juniors $33.00

Any Time Weekday
Open – 4:00pm (End Time Subject To Change)


$15.00/per day
(Regular Pricing: $35.00/per day)
30% Off Regular Rates.


Nastar – Adult Team and training for all Ages
Some of the Areas top Pacesetters race and work at Crotched Mt. They use their knowledge to create a fun and safe and yes, competitive race program.


Crotched Offers Ski and Snowboarding lessons for all ages, bring the little ones up to ride the Magic Carpet and before long they will be taking the Chair to the top. For more information about Crotched Mountain please visit


Crotched Mountain
615 Francestown Road
Bennington, NH 03442

Phone:(603) 588-3668

October Meeting 2014 Recap


The October meeting was well attended, with a stream of Past, Present and NEW Members coming from a raining fall evening.

Chuck Riely, ACE EISCL Rep, gave us an update on EISCL Benefits, Card Distribution in December, and Party invites.

Robin Diamond, EISCL Racing, gave an update to WMRL racing this season. Registration will be $20.00 which will enable you to race in Four Races this coming season. For more details visit EISCL 2014 Race Dates.

Registration forms need to be sent to by November 30th with your $20.00 registration fee made out to ACE SKI Club or you can pay via paypal on the ACE Ski Club website. Races will Start on Saturday, January 7th.

Featured Speaker

Ted Butler from Ken Jones Ski Shop in Manchester, NH to gave us a Ski Tuning Demo; a short “How To” on prepping skis for a great day of skiing or racing.

Ted Butler

Ted gave an easy to listen to Ski Tuning Demo where he explained:

  • the tools you would need
  • how waxing the ski works
  • and most importantly he answered the Question – “What does a stone grind really do to your base?”

Turns out it doesn’t sharpen your edges, it actually puts a texture in the base of your skis which allows the skis to slide better. If you are racing on your skis, and they have just had a stone grind, ski on them one or two days before the race, as they will only get better. Or use your brushes to smooth out those sharp ridges the grind puts in the bases. You will have a much better day and race.

A helpful hint – put 1 , 2, 3 or more layers of wax on the skis. Put it on hot, but not smoking, keep the iron at a tempered heat(no smoke) and then scrape it off while still warm. Texturize with a metal/copper and bristle brush.

For really good day on the slopes carry some Toko Express Pocket Rub On Wax in your pocket to apply on the hill or take a break at lunch and reapply at the lodge for fun afternoon skiing.

Ted had lots of helpful tuning suggestions and was kept busy after his presentation ended with many 1-on-1 questions.

A mountain sized THANK YOU goes out to Ted for taking time out of his schedule to join us at the meeting. Thank you to Ken Jones of Manchester NH for the six free stone grind tune-ups and two diamond stones they offered the club to add to the door prizes for the night.

Costume Contest

We had three contenders this year.

  • Ilene Titus – Chef Boyardee. She was serving up some Spaghetti O’s
  • Leta Markham – Downhill Mountain Biker with a Brain injury. The injury was busting out all over!!
  • Michele Grenier – French Ski instructor. Michele was our prizewinner of two Lift Tickets.

Winner for best costume: Michele Grenier – 2 Pico tickets

Thank you to those who came out in costume.


October 2014 Door Prize Winners

Roscoe Diamond 2 Smuggler’s Notch tickets
Leta Markham Stone grind, at Ken Jones
Roxanne Arey Ski socks
Matt Kontoff 2 Mad River Glen tickets
Wayne Potter Goggles
Mary Mattock 2 Bromley tickets
John Campbell Stone grind, at Ken Jones
Cheryl Campbell Diamond sharpening stone
Rob Titus Stone grind, at Ken Jones
Chris Gerber 2 Smuggler’s Notch tickets
Kevin Kieley Ski socks
Marty Stark Stone grind, at Ken Jones
Greg Ruklic Thermal top
Jack Coady Ski socks
Andy Sage Stone grind, at Ken Jones
Dan Villani Diamond sharpening stone
Mary Stillson Goggles
Janet Kennett Stone grind, at Ken Jones
Mary Mattock Thermal top
Betty Ann Tyson Boot bag
Rose Villani Ski jacket
Mary Mattock Skis and bindings

Thank you to RJ Bradleys for providing the door prizes for the evening.

October Door Prize Winners

Food Donations

Thank you to everyone who brought food donations. The donations went to the Nashua Soup Kitchen, Nashua, NH and Loaves and Fishes Food Pantry, Ayer, MA. Your generosity is greatly appreciated.

October Meeting 2014


We would like to welcome Ted Butler and Kevin Kieley of Crotched Mountain to discuss and demonstrate ski tuning.


  • Sign up for EICSL racing $20. See Robin Diamond for registration.
  • Best costume wins a pair of lift tickets!
  • Bring your Checkbook for Ticket Sales.
  • Bretton Woods Tickets will be distributed and sold.
  • Your 2014-2015 membership must be paid in full.
  • Volunteers needed for clean up after the meeting.

Extra Prize Ticket

For an extra door prize ticket, bring food items for a pantry, for example: tuna, powdered milk, $5 grocery store gift card, rice, dry soup mixes (beans, etc …). No other canned food this time.

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September Meeting 2014 Recap


The September meeting was well attended. Jon Levy welcomed everybody to the kickoff of the new season. Next, Chuck Riley, the new EISCL representative, gave an update on the upcoming 2015 EICSL race dates and locations. Ilene Titus talked about the process for purchasing discount tickets for the Club, which was made more difficult this year due to new rules and restrictions by some mountains, including the choice of batch sizes. Bea Chaney encouraged members to send in their own short stories and pictures to publish in the next newsletter. Robin Diamond, the new Race chair, gave additional details on the EICSL racing program: race forms will be available at the October meeting; racers will be able to use PayPal; stay tuned for details on Junior Races.

The featured speaker of the evening was Kevin Kieley from Crotched Mountain. He started off with his personal story on how he became associated with Crotched Mountain: while in rehab from an injury received during week-end NASTAR racing, he met and became friends with a skier who convinced him to come work for Crotched. He has also known Robin Diamond for a long time; she was part of his NASTAR team.

Crotched Mountain has a variety of programs for everyone: Adult Racing on Wednesday or Thursday starts at 6:00 pm, with an optional free clinic a half-hour before. The intermediate-level course is challenging, but still safe. The program lasts for 10 weeks followed by a championship race. After the race, participants gather in the lodge for camaraderie and raffle prizes from many sponsors.

The mountain offers extensive programs for families and children from 4 to 18 years old. The youngest ones are admitted as soon as they are potty-trained. The ‘Tigers’ program helps kids gain confidence while having fun. They typically learn faster and better than if they were taught by their own parents! The equipment is of high quality; all kids are videotaped. Several college teams have regular practice at the mountain, including Harvard, BU, … The USSA program is top notch; it produces the best skiers in the world.

Crotched Mountain has a lot to offer, including great snowmaking. The drive is about one hour and five minutes from Nashua. So, come and visit, and sign up for the Adult Race League!

Door Prize Winners


2014-2015 Ski Club Appreciation Days

You must present your Ski Club or Ski Council Membership Card and a photo ID to receive the discounted rate!

Please click on the mountain for more information.

Crotched Mountain Member Benefits for Ace Ski and Board Club


Mountain Days Price
Stowe Mountain Resort December 5-7, 2014 $44
Whiteface Lake Placid December 7-8, 2014 $38


Mountain Days Price
Stowe Mountain Resort January 7-9, 2015 $44
Whiteface Lake Placid January 9, 2015 $38


Mountain Days Price
Whiteface Lake Placid February 2, 2015 $38
Stowe Mountain Resort February 4-6, 2015 $44


Mountain Days Price
Whiteface Lake Placid March 1-2, 2015 $38
Stowe Mountain Resort March 20-22, 2015 $44
Whiteface Lake Placid March 29-30, 2015 $38


Mountain Days Price
Stowe Mountain Resort April 10-12, 2015 $44

September Meeting 2014


We would like to welcome Kevin Kieley of Crotched Mountain to talk about racing and events at Crotched for the coming year.

Speaker Bio

Kevin Kieley
Crotched Mountain
A.R.L. NASTAR/Racing

  • Race Director Crotched Mountain 5 years
  • NASTAR pacesetter more than 25 years
  • USSA Certified level 100 Coach since 2012
  • USSA Certified Coach 20 years
  • Division #1 college racing, NCAA Eastern Division (Norwich University)
  • NASTAR National Champion 2001

Extra Prize Ticket

For an extra door prize ticket please bring a backpack and/or $5.00 worth of school supplies. We will be donating the items to children in need.

Thinking About Joining?

Help build the club membership — bring a friend to the meeting.

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2014-2015 Ticket Sale

The ACE Ski and Board Club is offering a sale for select Vermont ski resorts. This is a limited time sale from July 25, 2014 through August 9, 2014. Ticket orders postmarked before July 25th or after August 9th will not be filled, and checks will be returned.

2014-2015 Ticket Prices

Resort Ticket Price
Bolton Valley $20
Bromley $32
Burke $32
Jay Peak $38
Killington $48
Mad River Glen $28
Magic $20
Middlebury Snow Bowl $5
Mt. Snow $48
Okemo $48
Pico $32
Smugglers’ Notch $20
Stowe $48
Stratton $48
Sugarbush $48
Suicide Six $5

Please read the order form for Vermont Tickets carefully. Failure to follow the requirements as stated will result in the Club being unable to fill your order.

VT-Order-Form (Word Doc)
VT-Order-Form (PDF)

Vermont Tickets: Lift Tickets will be available for sale on a first come/first serve basis based on postmarked date. Restrictions for Vermont are as follows: 16 ticket maximum with a 2 ticket maximum per mountain. There will be future sales of those tickets available that have not sold out in this sale. Please see the attached order form. Vermont tickets have various restricted use dates – usually at Christmas/New Year’s, Martin Luther King, Jr. weekend, and the February school vacation week. Restricted use dates are subject to yearly change by the resorts and the ACE Ski & Board Club does not know in advance of its purchase what dates are restricted.

This sale requires at least 50% of the ticket cost paid up front with your order – No exceptions. The additional 50% balance is due by November 1, 2014. There are no refunds and you must be a paid ACE member for the 2014-2015 season in order to receive your tickets.

Please do not send membership forms with your order. Contact the membership chair at or learn more about becoming a member.

Please mail your order form and check or money order (no cash) made out to ACE Ski & Board Club to:

Ilene Titus

Attn: ACE Tickets

P.O. Box 392

Southborough, MA 01772

If you have any questions, please contact Ilene Titus, Benefits Co-Chair